Undead Postal Service

Undead Postal Service is a 2D pixel-art metroidvania where you play as a mail carrier whose only goal is to deliver mail, even if it means fighting through a zombie-infested world.

Role: Lead Programmer

Team Size: 9

Duration: 6 months


Developed player movement, including ledge grabbing and sliding

Implemented the player combat system, including the 3-hit combo melee attack and basic shooting

Worked with audio/sound engineers to develop an audio manager with an additional 2D spatialized audio option for specific clips

Created 3 different enemies all stemming from a simple state machine with overrides for specific attack and patrol behaviors

Implemented the package interaction system that controlled picking up packages, losing packages when hit by enemies, tracking any received packages, and delivery to other NPCs within the dialogue system

Developed a dialogue system that allows conversation with NPCs in-game and lets the player select options that impact the resulting dialogue and trigger more in-game events

Communicated with other programmers to delegate tasks and make sure they were on track for each sprint