Painting of Athena

Painting of Athena is a 2D adventure platformer where you play as a museum night guard who is suddenly transported into the middle of a Greco-Persian war and must take on the role of a Greek soldier.

Role: 2D Programmer / VFX Artist

Team Size: 6

Duration: 5 weeks


Developed player movement in the main 2D section of the game

Implemented the player combat system, including a 3-hit combo attack, an additional 2-hit combo attack in the air, and a shield/stun ability

Developed a basic checkpoint system to respawn the player so they don’t lose all progress on the current level

Created a basic patrolling enemy that can hit and block the player, and become stunned if the player blocks their attack

Designed and developed an archer enemy that shoots at the player’s expected location by taking into account their current maintained velocity in an attempt to intercept them

Implemented a boss battle with a boss that had 3 different ‘phases’ with different attack speeds and buffs during each phase