Chaos King

Programmer / VFX Artist

(Spring 2020)

Chaos King is a multiplayer party game for up to 4 players where you participate in a tournament hosted by Hades. Whoever can cause the most chaos is named the new Chaos King.

Undead Postal Service

Lead Programmer

(Fall 2019)

Undead Postal Service is a 2D pixel-art metroidvania where you play as a mail carrier whose only goal is to deliver mail, even if it means fighting through a zombie-infested world.

Painting of Athena

2D Programmer / VFX Artist

(Fall 2018)

Painting of Athena is a 2D adventure platformer where you play as a museum night guard who is suddenly transported into the middle of a Greco-Persian war and must take on the role of a Greek soldier.

Space Search

Programmer / Designer / Artist

(Spring 2016)

Space Search is an adventure game where you play as an astronaut who suddenly crash-landed on an alien-infested planet and must escape before their oxygen is depleted.